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Battery Charging Information

The most common mistake made by purchasers of sealed, maintenance-free batteries is that they feel that no care is necessary since they are maintenance-free.  This is almost true except for maintaining a charge on your battery.  The worst thing you can do to any battery is allow the battery to go into a prolonged period of deep discharge.  Often, the battery will fail to charge again.  This usually happens during off-seasons when no riding occurs.  You will extend your battery life by using a battery charger (sometimes called a battery maintainer) to keep your battery charged when you are not riding (see Seasonal Riding below).  Your battery life can be shortened dramatically by allowing the battery to deeply discharge.  However, the type of charger is very important.  Listed below are the requirements for properly charging your battery.



Use only an automatic battery charger.  You should use a charger that will charge your sealed battery to a full charge and then trickle charge automatically to keep it at a peak charge.  Examples of such chargers are the Westco Accumate 6 and 12 volt, 2 amp Three Stage Regulated Charger-Maintainer (part # LS6-1-2) and the UPG 12 volt, 2 amp Dual Stage Regulated Charger-Maintainer (part # 71746) as shown on our site under Chargers.  Other excellent chargers are the Battery Tender, Battery Doc, Battery Tender Plus, etc. Click Here to see all of our chargers.



Never charge your battery at an amperage more than 1/6 the rated capacity of your battery.  For example, it you have a 7 amp-hour battery, you should not charge it at an amperage of more than 1 amps.  If you have an 18 amp-hour battery, you can charge it at a maximum of 3 amps.  Therefore, most battery chargers offer charging amperage of from amp up to 2 amps.  NOTE: NEVER USE AN AUTOMOBILE BATTERY CHARGER ON YOUR POWER SPORT SEALED BATTERY.



Charging voltage is also very important.  Most battery chargers will charge your sealed Power Sport battery at around 14.4 volts and then float charge at around 13.6 volts.  Charging your sealed Power Sport battery at too high a voltage or current can cause your battery to swell and expand and hence ruin your battery.


Seasonal Riding ... If you are a seasonal rider, we recommend removing your battery from your Power Sport vehicle and storing the battery in a climate controlled environment, if possible.  Your automatic battery charger should remain connected to your battery throughout the non-riding season which will keep your battery peaked and will not allow your battery to go into a deep discharge.  Otherwise, put a full charge on your battery every 4 weeks during long periods of not riding.  REMEMBER, ALLOWING YOUR SEALED POWER SPORT BATTERY TO DEEPLY DISCHARGE SHORTENS THE LIFE OF THE BATTERY and WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY.


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