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Merits Rollator Camo Colors

Merits Rollator Camo Colors

SKU # : w462
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Price : $90.00
Warranty :
SKU #: w462
Manufacturer: Merits
Model #:
Voltage: -
Capacity: -
Cold Cranking Amps: N/A
Weight: -
Length: -
Width: -
Height: -
At you can purchase the Merits W462 4 Wheeled Aluminum Rollator in an assortment of Camo Colors. The W462 rollator is foldable so that it can be stored out of the way when not needed and has a pouch to carry your necessities. The padded tubular backrest is designed to support the back when it is necessary to use the seating.



4-Wheeled, Alum., Loop Brake, 6" Wheel 1/ctn

 Weight capacity: 300lb
  •  Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Detachable padded backrest tube
  • Four 6" x 1" wheels
  • Bolt head-inner tube knob interface design tightens the handle tubes securely
  • Loop brake is ideal for slow down and permanent stop
  • Vinyl pouch standard
  • Colors Available: Red, Blue, Green

  • Dimensions

    Seat Width  12"
    Seat Depth  14"
    Seat Height  21-5"
    Overall Length  22.5"
    Overall Height  31"-38"
    Overall Width  25"

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